The Small Works

Miniature paintings for a group gallery show.

WORK: Illustration, Painting, Fine Arts

CLIENT: Revolution Gallery

The following are four miniature paintings created for the "Mini-Masterpieces" shows
held by Revolution Gallery in Buffalo, NY.
The only constraint that artist had to work within was that each
painting could be no more than 5"x5" inches.

All images are created in Acrylic on masonite board with very, very small brushes.

The Modern Birth of Athena

Colloquial Title:  “Harvey gets his Cum-uppance from a Hashtag with Help from The Media Yule Log.”

Obsession Vs. Reality

Colloquial Title:  “Candy Crush High Score Vs. The Crushing Reality of Global Climate Change.”

"The Modern Child"

Purchased by a collector

"The Lies We Tell Ourselves"

Purchased by a collector​​​​​​​.