Ponderings on the Pandemic

This pandemic has coaxed forth a variety of comics from the dark recesses of my brain.
Here is an ongoing list of work as time goes by.

WORK: Traditional and Digital Illustration, Cartooning

CLIENT: LOL Comedy, the American Bystander

We have entered into a strange and dangerous time in our world. However despite the ongoing threat of plague we need to keep a sense of humor in order to weather the next few years.


Silly Anti-Masker excuses
Published on Little Old Lady Comedy


hiking Trail Masking Fails
Published on LOL Comedy and The American Bystander #17


Future Scary Stories
Future Scary Stories Published on LOL Comedy


Neighborly Chat
Neighborly Chat Published on LOLComedy


The Eyes have it cartoon
Unpublished as of yet. Let's just say it maybe a bit too weird for most folks. But hey, it made my wife laugh.