Ponderings on the Pandemic

This pandemic has coaxed forth a variety of comics from the dark recesses of my brain.
Here is an ongoing list of work as time goes by.

WORK: Traditional and Digital Illustration, Cartooning

CLIENT: LOL Comedy, the American Bystander

We have entered into a strange and dangerous time in our world. However despite the ongoing threat of plague we need to keep a sense of humor in order to weather the next few years.


Silly Anti-Masker excuses
Published on Little Old Lady Comedy


hiking Trail Masking Fails
Published on LOL Comedy and The American Bystander #17


Future Scary Stories
Future Scary Stories Published on LOL Comedy


Neighborly Chat
Neighborly Chat Published on LOLComedy


The Eyes have it cartoon
Published in The American Bystander, issue #18.


Pandemic Scaredoos
Published on LOLComedy


Pandemic Scaredoos
Published on LOLComedy