Political Editorial Art

My political editorial work is quite different
in style from my corporate work, obviously.

WORK: Digital and Traditional Illustration

A recent illustration that raised the ire of some Reddit users enough for them to give me death threats. I must be doing something right if my work inspires such hatred from idiots.

Beware The Anti-Vaxx Nurse

Has there been a president more divisive that Donald Trump and worthy of harsh political satire? I think not! Here are a few of my takes on the man.


The Tweet Snatcher

This image was created in response to the Trump Administration's family separation of immigrants
and the detention of almost 12,000 children. Published on
thenation.com's OPP Art section



“A Parade of Putrid Putin Pumpers Peevishly Pout as POTUS Pummels the Pump to Promulgate Putin Piety.”

This piece is currently on display from Oct 1st to Oct31st, 2020 in
the "
Politiks: the Art of Deception" show at Art at The Cave Gallery in Vancouver, WA
(sold to private collector) Limited edition prints available here.



“The King of Toads”
Now and then I like to illustrate a poem.
It's interesting how few people in this drawing are still
hanging about Trump.


My other favorite incompetent POTUS to satire was GW Bush.
I spent most of his administration creating a weekly comicstrip
based on the madness he represented.

The following image pretty much summarizes how I felt about him.