Confronting Racism

A historical illustration project about early civil rights leaders.

WORK: Illustration, Digital Art, Drawing


Images in a series of works produced that look to the civil rights leaders of the past for guidance on how we must deal with the systemic racism and inequality that is still pervasive in American society.

These illustrations and accompanying articles (click the images to view) are being published in several online sites as well as in an email newsletter which I send to subscribers.
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Ida B. Wells, Early Civil Rights and Women's Suffrage activist. Click the image to read her story.

W. E. B. DuBois, early Civil Rights activist. Click the Image to read his story.

Dr. A. C. Jackson, famed surgeon and racism victim. Click the image to read his story.

Fannie Lou Hamer, Mississippi Civil Rights, Women's Rights and Voting Rights activist 1962 - 1977